Reasons why Bali Soap is worth the price

Like most handmade items, our handmade soaps are significantly more expensive than mass-produced ones in supermarkets. And if you are new to Bali Soap, you probably wonder why you should pay more when you could spend less. There are many reasons why our natural soaps are worth the extra dollars, and there are important factors to consider. Here are some of them. 

The Real Deal

Bali Soap bars are made using plant-based natural ingredients such as herbs, spices, dried flowers and sustainably sourced palm oil. No animal fat is used in our soaps, and we do not test on animals. The cold-process method we use to create our soaps produces glycerin, a natural moisturizer that keeps skin hydrated and soft. In contrast, store-bought soaps don’t usually contain these natural ingredients to maximize profit.

Better for your skin and the environment 

Our natural soaps are pure soaps that cleanse your skin without stripping away its natural healthy moisture. Most commercial soaps, however, are detergents in disguise. They are made of chemicals and detergent that are harmful to your skin and the planet. Imagine the large amount of chemical waste that pollutes our water and soil daily.

The journey 

Each bar of Bali Soap is handmade from scratch by a small passionate team in Bali. The production process is very long, from formulating and sourcing all the ingredients to the actual production. But the journey doesn't stop there. Once made, each soap bar must cure for two weeks before it can be used. It is a highly technical process that takes time and requires focus and patience. 

Every piece is unique

We make our natural bars in small batches to ensure quality control since they are all made by hand, not machines. We pour a lot of attention and care into each soap, and we take great pride in what we are creating – it is more than just a way to make money; it is a labor of love, a unique quality you won't find in mass-produced soaps. 

Supporting our community

Every time you purchase Bali Soap, you support more than just our business. You support the Balinese farmers, small producers, our hardworking employees, their families and their dreams instead of major manufacturers. Your support allows us to grow and generate wealth for the local community.

Though more expensive than store-bought soaps, our handcrafted natural soaps are made with the purpose of creating a more sustainable tomorrow. Better for the environment and better for your skin, handmade soaps are winning in so many ways. 

And entering the brand new year with new spirits and energy, why don’t we add a simple resolution that is not very hard to do yet bears a huge impact; make the switch to natural soap and personal care products. Start with one item at a time until it becomes a habit.