Share a smile with friends this Friendship Day

The first Sunday in August is known as Friendship Day; a day to celebrate and cherish our relationship with friends. Remember when we used to make friendship bracelets for our best friends when we were kids and promise each other to be together forever? While that idea is cute, everything changes as we grow older - including our friendship. 

Adult friendships are hard, and life happens. So often, we are caught up in responsibilities that seem more urgent than hanging out with friends for a quick cup of coffee. We have less time, also less energy to socialize, and our circle gets smaller. It is when you realize that the people in your lives who stay are the most precious ones. And for that, they deserve all the special attention. Let's shower them with love this Friendship Day, with simple little things that mean a lot.

Catch up over a manicure

One of the best times to catch up with your friends is during a manicure. Host an at-home spa day and bond with them. Exfoliate your hands with Jasmine natural soap from our best-selling Signature Green Collection, and moisturize with our chocolate body butter. Perhaps some wine or mimosas can be on the list too!

Recovery day

"Real friendship is when your friend comes over to your house, and you both just take a nap." - says Pinterest. Have you ever felt like your to-do lists are getting longer and longer, but you're less and less motivated? It may be a sign that you need a break. Taking a rest from time to time doesn't mean you neglect your obligations. Recovery day allows you to recharge to be at your best, and also makes a perfect time to reconnect with your friends. You never know - maybe they secretly need it too! Prepare warm water in big bowls and sprinkle Bali Soap natural bath salts. Soak your feet and relax. You may fall asleep, and it's ok! That's what recovery day is for, and it still counts as quality time with your best friends!