Why Bali Soap makes a great Mother's Day Gift

Natural body care: A great Mother’s Day gift for every kind of mom in your life.

We all know how hard moms work - they do everything for everyone around the clock with no weekend breaks and annual leaves! They deserve some pampering, a little help around the house, a break, and a gift this Mother's Day! 

Though moms will say they don't want anything, it is always nice to get them a sweet little gift like a box of natural soaps. Is she a working mom? An active, outdoorsy mom? A cook-in-the-kitchen mom? The wide selection of Bali Soap natural bars and body care is suitable for all kinds of Wonder Women in your lives, and here's why.

Mothers love thoughtful gifts.

"It's the thought that counts." - they say. We know that no matter what we give our moms this Mother's Day, even a simple "I love you" text in the morning will make their day. So imagine how much it will make them smile when we get them an actual thoughtful gift! A gift set of all-natural soaps to take care of their hard-working, loving hands? She will appreciate that. 

It's a simple luxury.

Sometimes the best gift we can give our moms is a moment of peace. If you can give her a spa day treat - great! Otherwise, a set of beautifully scented natural soaps will also be nice. Fill her bathtub with warm water, add some flower petals, and let her enjoy her quiet time (which also means you get to clean and cook your dinner so mom can rest!).

Soaps are functional

Moms are the best planners; they always think ahead and prepare everything for the whole family. They make sure we never run out of supplies at home, from food to medicine and toiletries. And this is why a box or two of natural soaps will be perfect for mom when they tell you not to spend your money on gifts this Mother's Day. Because moms always need soaps, they can store their Bali Soap collections in a nice jar that's also nice as a bathroom decoration!

As soft as a mother's touch

Bali Soap Feminine Collection is specially created for women (This Feminine Collection was sold out shortly after launching on Mother's Day last year!) All the natural scents are carefully curated to represent femininity. This collection comes with six individually wrapped plan-based soaps with nice pastel colors and a smooth texture that's gentle on your skin like a mother's touch.

It's a way to say, "I care about you."

Are you not the type to shower your mom with affection? That's ok - everyone expresses love differently. Creating a care package containing all-natural body care can be a way to say a million things; "Don't forget to take care of yourself today!", "Give yourself a break." or "Enjoy your well-deserved time off." Leave the package in her room and imagine her surprised look when she opens it. Here's our pick; Bali Soap Vanilla & Honey Body Butter, Bali Soap Green Tea Bath Salt, and Bali Soap Crystal Deodorant.