The Perfect Father's Day Gifts for the Perfect Dad

As we head closer to Father's Day, it's time to start thinking of what to get for our family's hero. Finding gifts for fathers is not as hard as you think! While we can never go wrong with a new beer holder, fishing gear, or barbeque accessories, why don't we get them something they wouldn't think of getting for themselves this year? Dads need some pampering, too, even when they don't mention it. After a long day at work, every day, I think they deserve a care package filled with natural soaps to unwind and destress. We've got you covered with some selections of Bali Soap natural bars that say, "I love you, Dad. You've been working very hard, now relax!".

Masculine Collection 

Whether your dad is a clean-shaved or a scruffy type, every dad wants to smell good. Specially crafted for men, Bali Soap's Masculine Collection comes with six refreshing scents with hints of citrus and spices. This collection had successfully become a big hit when we first launched it on last year's Fathers Day! All the soaps have a smooth texture and are rich in creamy leather, and they come in a nice hard-case packaging that makes them a perfect gift for Father's Day!

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Signature Orange Collection

Also one of Bali Soap's best sellers - hence the name "Signature." Give dad an instant vacation to Bali with the exotic tropical scents of mango, passion fruit, plumeria, sandalwood, and cinnamon. Dad will feel so appreciated and smell divine when you give him this Signature Orange Collection. 

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Grease Monkey

Dads can build anything and fix anything. Grease Monkey is dedicated to DIY dads and special men who are not afraid to get their hands dirty because grease can be hard to wash off with regular soaps. This charcoal powder in this special edition soap bar scrubs away oil and dirt without making your hands dry. Dads will surely love the fresh scent of peppermint and sandalwood that lingers on the skin after they wash their hands.

Volcano Blast

This Bali Soap special edition Volcano Blast is another good gift for active dads who can't sit still and like to spend their time outdoors. Volcano Blast contains finely ground volcanic sand for gentle exfoliation, unlike any other scrubby soaps. Though it does the heavy-duty, the added cocoa butter in the ingredients protects the skin from drying! On top of all the goodness of this special edition soap, one thing that your dad will love is the one-of-a-kind refreshing after-shower feel from a combination of peppermint, lime, and camphor essential oils. This soap comes in a bigger size than regular, and it lasts a long time, but it's always good to get more so your dad can stock up!