Frequently Asked Questions


Where to buy our natural soaps?

Shop our best natural soaps at our official store Bali Soap USA. Unfortunately, our store only ships to USA mainland* only. If you cannot find our natural soap shops near your location, don't worry. You can find our best natural soaps at Amazon:

We sell our natural soaps worldwide thru Amazon. You can find our best natural soaps at:


Is natural soap only for women?

Our natural soaps are for both men and women. Check out our new Masculine Collection, the best natural soaps for men! Our natural men soaps consist of refreshing yet subtle phthalate-free scents with hints of citrus and spices dedicated to men. We also have special natural soap curated for women. Try our new Feminine Collection and find a luxurious experience.

Check out our other best natural soap collections and let us know what you think!

Can I use natural soaps to wash my hair?

The answer is yes you can! But I don't recommend washing your hair using our natural soaps. Using our natural soap to wash your hair will not feel the same as when you wash your hair with shampoo. Our best natural soaps will clean your hair but they will leave your hair feeling slightly waxy.

How long does your natural soap last?

How long is a piece of string? Some of our customers say our soap lasts too long – they like to finish a bar so they can start a new one! It all depends on how you use it. Hand made soap is generally softer than any commercial soap due to the process and ingredients. Please read our article for some tips to enjoy our natural soaps.

How to make natural soap last?

KEEP IT DRY! True, you can’t help but get your soap wet while you’re sussing up, but keeping it between uses makes a huge difference in your bar soap’s lifespan. Don’t keep it on a ledge in your shower where it’s exposed to a stream of water or excessive steam. Instead, put it in a soap dish that drains water and put the dish on a ledge away from water.

Another tip: If multiple people use the same bar of soap, the chances of it becoming completely dry are slim to none. One way to resolve this issue is to give everyone a bar of soap and a place where they can store it between uses so it dries out.

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Are your natural soap made by hand?

We are an Exotic Natural Soap from Bali. Our all-natural base oils provide a healthy lather that cleans and leaves your skin feeling moisturized. We employ the cold process soap making method mixed by hand in small batches. This process produces a bar full of natural glycerin, which is a by-product of the soap making process. Unlike most soap on the market today, we do not remove this glycerin from our soap because it is a humectant, which helps attract moisture to the skin and can be gentle enough for even the driest and most sensitive of skin.

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Are your natural soap animal tested?

No animal tested! We use plant-based natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and safe for the planet (and the animals too!)

Does your product use organic ingredients?

We guarantee that our product is 97% natural. We use the highest quality natural ingredients to make our best natural soaps. We strive to source many of our essential oils from an exotic blend of natural ingredients, with phthalate-free fragrances and natural colourants. If you have any questions about our best natural soap, feel free to shoot us an email at or fill out our contact form here!

Is your natural soap good for skin?

Our products use natural ingredients in all of its products. However, it is still possible that you may be allergic to or experience an adverse reaction to certain ingredients. If you ever have any concerns, always patch or spot test any new product by applying the product to a small section of your wrist and waiting 24 hours to see if you have a reaction before using the product. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult with a medical professional.

Why your natural soaps are better than others?

Our soaps are made from quality plant-based oils for moisturizing properties. No animal fat is used and natural glycerin is not extracted. All of the soap is pH tested. We employ the cold-process soap-making method, which produces a bar full of natural glycerin. Unlike most soaps on the market today, we do not remove this glycerin because it is a humectant that helps attract moisture to the skin and can be gentle enough for even the driest and most sensitive of skin.

If you are looking for a great natural soap bar that provides real skin conditioning, moisturizing, smells good, and is gentle enough to use all over, then search no further.

  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates
  • No Sulphates
  • Suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive


Where do you ship?

We currently ship everywhere in the US mainland only. Read more Shipping Information. If you are anywhere outside the US mainland. Rest assured, you can still afford our best natural soap at:

Where do you ship from?

We work with Amazon to fulfill all of our orders. Yes, we ship from Amazon warehouse

Can you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Our warehouse is not able to do that. Instead, you are allowed to do the manual pick up by your own carrier and do the manual order. Please note that we do not responsible for any shipping and tax fee for international orders.

We only accept the transfer by Wise account for any payment on manual orders. If you don't have one, please create one for free.

How do I get free shipping?

We over free ground shipping for all orders over $35. Please remember we only ship to the US mainland only.

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How do I track my order?

When you place an order, you’ll receive an email confirmation that your order has been received, as well as a further email with the tracking information you need to be able to see where your delivery is. If you need any help with this, feel free to contact us.

When will my order ship?

Once you place your order, it takes 1-3 business days for your order to process and ship. You will receive an email confirmation when your order ships. You'll also be receiving a shipping confirmation email to track your order! For more information, please see Shipping Information page.

When will my order arrive?

Once you place your order, it takes 1-3 business days for your order to process and ship. You will receive an email confirmation when your order ships. Once it is shipped, please allow the following days for your order to be delivered based on the shipping method you selected — it may be a little sooner or a little later depending on your location!

My package is lost - what should I do?

Don’t fret just yet! The system will sometimes mark an item as delivered but it may take a little extra time for them to get it to you, and it's usually when they're in your area! If you’ve received a notice of delivery but you can’t seem to find your package, it will likely show up within 24 hours of the delivery notice! If it’s been over 24 hours since your package was marked as delivered, contact us - we’ll try to help!

Will my orders be forwarded if I move?

We can only guarantee delivery to the shipping address we have on file.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including

  • MasterCard,
  • Visa,
  • American Express,
  • JCB,
  • Discover,
  • Diners Club,
  • Elo

For any manual orders, we only accept payment by transfer between Wise account.

What currencies do you accept?

All subscription orders will be made in USD.

Will I be charged custom duties?

If you ship your orders internationally, yes, you will be charged for customs duties. Please note that we are not responsible for any taxes and shipping costs for international orders.


Can I purchase products without subscribing?

Absolutely! All of our products are available to purchase without a subscription on our website. However, I suggest you to create an account on our website, so it can be easier when placing and tracking your order. Register now!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see you go, but we get that sometimes these things don't work out. Please contact us to cancel the subscription 

Why should I create a subscription?

Subscribe and Get 10% Off on your first order! You will get 10% Off on your first order if you join Bali Soap USA community.

As soon as you create your account, you’ll have total control. Use your account dashboard to add products, upgrade, cancel, or skip a shipment. You will also receive some news about the special offer of our products. 


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Can i do bulk orders?

Yes, you can!! Feel free to email us at for more information. Talk soon!

How can I issue a refund?

Please read our refund policy for more information or simply reach us at

How long does it take to get refunded?

You will receive the funds from a refund in your account approximately 5–10 business days after the refund is submitted.

Can I cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order unless your order has not been processed, since we get working on the order right away. Please reach us ASAP!

Can I change my order after it has been placed?

As soon as you place your order, we get working on it right away (so you can enjoy it sooner). That means we are unable to make any changes or modifications to an order after it has been placed and confirmed.

When is my order going to ship?

We will use our best efforts to dispatch products within three business days of the order being placed, but we do not guarantee that we will do so. Any delivery dates suggested are estimates only, and We are not liable for any losses caused by late delivery. You will be notified by email when your order has been dispatched. Click here for more information

Why hasn't my tracking information updated?

Sometimes, there's a delay between the info being updated and the actual movement of the package from one of our partner fulfillment centers. It's often the case that the package is actually in transit to its destination or has already arrived, but the tracking information needs some additional time for that to reflect.

Can I send my order as a gift?

Yes! Mostly our products is a gift set with beautiful packaging.

What if a product arrives damaged or broken?

We try our best to pack our products carefully so that they are protected during the shipping process, however, once they leave our facility, it is hard to know how carefully they are handled. If you have received a product that arrived damaged or broken, please contact us so that we can remedy the situation. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Where can I reach out for support?

You can contact us with any questions and concerns through the help function on our website, by email to We're here for all your needs!