Disconnect to reconnect

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, 
including you” - Anne Lamott.

Life gets busier as adults; we are often caught up in responsibilities that seem more urgent than hanging out with friends for a quick coffee. That "let's hang out sometimes" may never happen because most of us have a jam-packed schedule and constantly run from one task or a place to another. Have you ever felt like your to-do lists are getting longer and longer, but you're less and less motivated? If so, it may signify that you need a break. 

For once, put yourself first. Slow down and meditate for a few minutes. Something as simple as being quiet and staying still brings many benefits. Just like how exercising is important for your body, meditating is good for nourishing your mind. So when you're "too busy" to do it, it is when you need it the most. In our island home, Bali, Meditation is a huge part of the culture. The Balinese people pray everyday, attend ceremonies and sit silently through a series of prayers from a very young age. This spiritual practice is how they connect with their Gods and also themselves. 

Some people find meditation useful to help deepen your ability to focus and achieve a calm state of mind. Traditionally, people meditate in solitude. But if you're a social person or in need of a little push to do things, maybe meditating with a friend will be a great idea. Give it a go! By doing it together, you are not only finding yourself, but you are also creating a greater bond with your closest and dearest. Also, if your friends have been practicing meditation much longer than you, they can guide you through it. 

And while you're in the zen mode, why don't you top the healing experience for the body with a little relaxation yoga? You can do it online, too! Because, let's face it, some of us may not have all the time in the world to attend classes. But it is important to maintain your health. If you've been having trouble sticking to a workout routine, again, involving your best friends will be a great idea because we are more likely to feel motivated when we do it with friends. Practice yoga together, clear the mind, improve mindfulness and your breathing technique.

New to yoga and meditation practices? Here are our little tips to help you focus. Burn a stick of Jembrana Incense to set the mood and help you relax. The earthy fragrances such as tropical flowers, herbs, and spices can help improve your focus. Jembrana Incense comes in sticks and cones. They are handcrafted in Bali, using natural ingredients that are safe for you and mother nature too. Lighting Jembrana Incense can evoke a good feeling in the house, and it can be a reward for finishing all the jobs! Pat yourself on the back – it is not easy to hit the pause button amid your hustle-bustle life. Well done for starting a new routine and sticking to it. Now, it's time to treat yourself to some hearty meals and more quality time with friends.