Eco-friendly Easter gifts that smell like spring!

soap bar gift set in basket

Spring is approaching, with Easter just around the corner too! Flowers start blooming, and so does the Easter chocolate display in supermarket aisles. Though Easter isn't traditionally a time where we exchange gifts, everyone always loves an excuse to buy and receive them. And if you're looking for some ideas, natural handmade soap is always a good one to gift if eco-friendly gifting matters to you. 

Bali Soap natural soaps are versatile and perfect for all occasions; they contain no toxic chemicals, and each bar is handmade with plant-based ingredients from Indonesia. Also, natural soaps won't give you a sugar rush as an alternative to traditional Easter eggs! We carry a great selection of ethically sourced bar soaps. Our editorial team has curated their top five spring-perfect scents from our bar collections to fill your adult's Easter basket - because grown-ups should join in on the holiday fun, too!

Tuberose and Lilly 

The scent of tuberose, combined with Lilly, is often associated with femininity. Its delightful fragrance can easily be spotted when you walk past a florist. And that's why you will find this natural soap variant in Bali Soap Feminine Collection. The selection of floral scents in our smooth-textured, pastel-colored soaps will make a perfect gift for the extraordinary women in your life.


The subtle scent of Jasmine in Bali Soap Jasmine natural body bars is so heavenly you won't want to get out of the shower! The sweet scent of Jasmine is also known to help relieve stress and anxiety, making it a great gift for busy people. The exfoliating texture of the flower in this soap is gentle but cleanses effectively. Find this variant in the Bali Soap Natural Jasmine Bar set of 3, 6, and 12, or as part of the best-selling Signature Green Collection


The most commonly found flowers in Bali. They smell like roses, very fragrant with a hint of citrus. This plumeria natural soap bar reminisces that unforgettable Bali holiday, and the extra care from the saffron flower bits enhances the beauty of your skin. They are available as a set of 3 and 12. Time to give yourself an Easter gift!

Lemon & Pine

Lemon is perhaps one of the most popular citrus scents around. It is hard not to like its refreshing aroma and combined with Pine, it's just a perfect match for active and energetic people. This new addition to our natural soaps is part of the Masculine Collection. Though it is made for men, your mom or female friends might appreciate this as an Easter gift if they're into fresh and uplifting fragrances. 


The aroma of lemongrass is strong and distinctive; it is grassy, earthy, and citrusy. This lemongrass variant makes a thoughtful gift for someone with sleeping problems as the relaxing scent is believed to help relieve stress and insomnia. They come in a bundle of 3 and 12 and the Signature Green Collection. Shop your Easter gift now before they sell out! (because they do sell pretty fast!)

Apart from spring and Easter, April also happens to be the month we celebrate Earth Day. We all have to start somewhere, and a small step like switching to natural soaps and body care can significantly impact the world. By gifting eco-friendly natural products, you encourage others to be more eco-conscious too! 

There's so much to look forward to in April. We wish everyone a great month ahead! Have a lovely start to spring, Happy Easter, and Happy Earth Day!