This year Valentine's Days goals: Practice self-love and spread the love to others

We all know that celebrating special events such as Valentine's Day will never be the same since the pandemic started. Getting through everyday life, in general, has been challenging for all of us in many aspects of life. This gloomy atmosphere has made people more confined, less social, and less enthusiastic, which is sad, and this is why we should not give up and cherish life and love again once and for all!

This year, we all started with positivity and lots of good hopes in mind, and celebrating love on Valentine’s Day should not be checked out from our list of positive things to do this year. Whether you have a spouse, a family, or are single and fabulous, are still on lockdown or not, it is time to get creative in showing some love both to yourself and to your loved ones! Here are some simple ideas on how you could celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. The keys here is about doing something sweet, fun, and in the name of LOVE:

  1. Make yourself and your loved ones something delicious and healthy for breakfast on Valentine's Day, such as gluten-free pancakes in a heart shape or that pink dragon fruit smoothie bowl. Cute, thoughtful, and nutritious!

  2. Write a simple text or email to your loved ones about three things you love from them, and send it in the morning before they wake up. For a more personal, old-school touch, make it a handwritten letter. These will put a smile on their faces the entire day.

  3. Show gratitude to both the deserving men and women in your life. Bali Soap Special Edition soaps and Grease Monkey soap gift set are specifically curated this year for you to choose from as Valentine’s Day gift ideas. They are not only beautiful but also come with endearing qualities. Both of these items come in a presentable gift box - making it one of the great Valentine’s gift ideas, and thoughtful for your loved ones.

  4. Put on your favorite playlist of love songs all day long as a soundtrack to your doing self-care ritual at home. We have the right range of handmade natural bar soaps that fits Valentine’s Day mood:

    1. For the men: improve your grooming regime, by showering with natural, handmade soap from our Masculine Collection. There is nothing generic about the scents. They will make you a stand-out amongst the crowd. This Masculine Collection comes in a presentable gift set box - making it one of the perfect Valentine’s gift ideas for him.

    2. For the women: gift yourself a bouquet of roses, light up some scented candles, fix yourself a bath, a glass of red wine, and lather up with soap of your choice from our Feminine Collection let the ritual become a celebration of your natural, feminine beauty. This Feminine Collection comes in a presentable gift set box - making it one of the perfect Valentine’s gift ideas for her. All of our soaps are vegan, cold-processed soap with natural glycerin, that will provide moisture and glow to your skin.

  1. Take a moment to self-reflect. Try meditating on words of affirmations written on paper on what you can do to love more and be more loveable.

We sure hope this year, all of us can celebrate Valentine’s Day more thoughtfully while still being fun, creative, caring human beings with an abundance of LOVE to share!